Sing-a-long song time!

In the English Corner, the kindergarteners sit, thinking about what they will do this time.  Will they work with a buddy on the computer?  Will they play a game in a small group?  Or…. will they color a song card for their song book?

The child chooses which picture he wants for his song book, and the songs go inside.

The child chooses which picture he wants for his song book, and the songs go inside.

A song card, as you can see here, is simply the lyrics for a song we have recently learned, along with (part of) a picture illustrating what the song is about.  We sing the song together, and the children identify what parts of the song are already on the song card.  They have to fill in whatever it is that they’re still missing.

In making a song card, I keep the following in mind:

1. the print is large and simple

2. the illustration is a black-and-white line drawing (thanks google images!)

3. the illustration clarifies the meaning of the song

4. the illustration is “incomplete”.  In other words, the children have to add something of their own to complete the picture and illustrate the song.

The song books are personalized with a cover picture of their choice.

Differentiation: less of the complete picture is provided for the older children, allowing them to draw the rest of the song themselves.

It’s not unusual for children to practice singing the song as they color, re-inforcing the song and its meaning as they go.  If they are ready, we play with the song, substituting words as we go, or using different voices.  Some children even start identifying the main words of the song and start “reading along” as we sing.

The children love having their work collected in a personal book like this, and when they leave kindergarten, their book goes with them as a special gift.



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