Screencasts… the instruction of the future?

Last week, I learned about a new tool for long-distance instruction: screencasts.  Actually, I don’t do any long-distance instruction, yet.  But I do give certain instructions time and again, and to avoid getting into the rut of (yawn) repetition, I decided to give this new tool a whirl.


I started by searching for free, easily downloadable software that would be compatible with my computer.  A quick search through wikipedia (screencast software) brought me to Grabilla’s doorstep.  I don’t consider myself to be terribly ict-skilled, but I managed to download the program and give it a try.  After serveral botched attempts, I figured it out.  My day was made!

After that, I had to think of something I could make a screencast about.  Having spent hours and hours of my life making pretty much every mistake possible using Windows movie maker, I decided to make an informative screencast about “how to make a movie”.  Here is the final draft… and it “only” took two hours to make.

Of course, it’s got the regular glitches and issues, but for a first-time screencast, I can safely say I’m quite pleased with the result.

My next question is, of course, how can I apply this new technology in a useful fashion to my own teaching?  What do you think?


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