About this blog

Amy-in-ZuiderparkHi there, I’m Amy Klipp,  a veteran of the ESL classroom, having taught all sorts and ages of Dutch grade-school children for well over a decade.  Along the way, I learned a lot about teaching, and also developed a lot of material that others can use in their own classes.  In this blog, I address all sorts of issues that ESL teachers have to deal with: using L1 or L2 in the class, classroom management, developing a program of study, assessing their learners, and stimulating learning through the use of multiple intelligences in the lessons.  The general focus of this blog is very practical.  Once in a while, I might wax poetic or even theoretical, but know that every idea I put out her has been quite thoroughly tested on a real class, with real children, somewhere in the Netherlands.

These days, I teach at the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, the Netherlands, in the Faculty of Education.  I work with up-and-coming-teachers, as well as teachers in the field looking for ways to enrich their daily practice.  With this blog, I try to answer some of the questions they ask, including practical tips for finding answers and materials on the internet with search terms and the like.

I’m always glad to hear from others, so if you want to get in touch, please feel free to use the contact form provided here.



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